Dark Green Drawstring Pants with Thai Handwoven Cotton Trim

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Dark Green Drawstring pants in cotton line pattern material with Hill Tribe Handwoven Cotton Trim.  This style features a pocket with trim and elasticated waist and ankle cuffs.  The trim on each pair of pants is slightly different as they have been handwoven, making each pair of pants unique. Though each pairs trim has a similar colour scheme and patterns to the images.

Available in different colour options.

Sizes: One size

Obs. Our model height is 1.70cm so keep that in mind!

Shipping: Our products are shipped from within the EU. Click here to read our shipping information.  Made in Thailand.

Material: 100% cotton.  As our fabrics and clothing are made and produced thru cottage based industry, some slight inconsistencies and minor imperfections can sometimes happen, however nothing that affects the quality and durability of the product.

Care information: A cold hand wash will give the best result. Although a cool and gentle machine wash is ok. But your Harem Pants must be washed inside a washing bag and with like colours!  Washing inside a washing bag will prevent your clothing from being stretched and damaged in the washing machine. Hang to dry. Do not iron!