Thai Fisherman Pants Organic Cotton

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Organic Cotton Thai Fisherman pants by Green Cotton, Thailand.  Made from unbleached and un-dyed organic cotton.  Green Cotton produce high quality fabrics and make clothing designed to last!

The material is strong, yet lightweight and soft to wear, especially after a few washes.

This style comes in 4 Size options; the `extra´ is mostly in the length, please check our picture diagrams to help you select the right size.

“Green Cotton (Thailand) encourages usage of unbleached and undyed cotton, which helps our environment for better living. Not only does unbleached and undyed cotton reduce the use of water and electricity, it results in zero toxins in your garment piece, causing no harm to the skin.”

Green Cotton (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Extremly comfortable unisex style and suitable for various body types.

Material: 100% Organic Cotton.

Click here to view our video guide about How to tie Fisherman pants.

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Material: 100% Organic cotton. 

Care information: A cold hand wash will give the best result. Although a cool and gentle machine wash is ok. But! Fisherman pants must be washed inside a washing bag and with like colours!   Washing inside a washing bag will prevent your clothing from being stretched and damaged in the washing machine. Hang to dry. Do not iron.

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