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We would like to inform to all our customers that thankfully we are able to continue our small family business, almost as usual, online from our home during the current pandemic.  

As the COVID-19 pandemic compels people to engage in social distancing to safeguard our communities, an unfortunate side effect is that many businesses are left in a difficult position. 

Unfortunately we are one of those affected and had to close our Sitges store, as declines in foot traffic and mounting expenses weigh heavily on our business without any type of relief.

We are busy moving our products from our shop to home, so that we can continue adding to our online range of products. 

Unfortunately we have had to postpone our current orders with our providers in Thailand but as soon as its possible we hope to be able to continue with our orders.

You can help us to get the word out there by telling your friends about our site and/or by sharing and liking BindiDesigns FB page.

You can also help us by getting a Gift card from our site.

Why gift cards?

Offering gift cards gives our customers a way to easily support our family business today. In the short-term, this provides our customers with a safe option to make a purchase you/they can redeem at a later date, which can help us free up cash flow for our business.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Most importantly, Stay safe!

Thank you for your support


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