About Us

Bindi Designs is an online store, which was born in the south of Sweden, to be more precise in Malmö. After many years of working on markets and festivals as traders,  Bindi Designs online store was created in 2006 to bring our selection to the online market place.

We are the creators of the Spanish online store; Undaba which is originally establish in Sitges; Spain, where our company was founded in 2016. 

Our shop is inspired by a love of travelling and the incredible array of handicrafts, clothing and wares available in the markets and bazaars of the places we visited. 

Though there are so many incredible places to visit, some places capture your heart and for us, Thailand is one of those places. 

Many of our products are sourced after years of travelling to Thailand,  especially to the Northern regions, home to various Hill Tribes.  

It is possible to find many artisans and designers who are creating new and unique product designs whilst using traditional techniques, fabrics and patterns. 

We travel as often as we can to meet with our manufactures and/or distributors to help ensure we are working with business who focus on fair trade principals. 

We are an international family team; Antonio, from Mexico City and Yasmin, from Sydney, Australia, and our two beautiful champions.

Our goal is to promote a style of clothing that is different, comfortable, flexible and with quality. So we present an eclectic collection of clothes and accessories for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

We feature Thai Fisherman pants, Harem pants, Hippie pants and bohemian styles.

Our focus is on fair trade and when possible direct trade,  which helps to sustain local communities, artisans and their crafts.

We love to hear from our customers so if you have any questions please click here to send us an email.

Please note;  Our range is limited at the moment as we, The Bindi Family team relocated From Sweden to Spain. But we are now busy building up our product range again. Enjoy our shop!

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”