Bindi Lights Pick & Mix

Bindi Lights are beautiful and colourful indoor light strings made with cotton ball lanterns. The ball lanterns are handmade in Thailand with cotton thread spun into a ball shape, the shape is held together with gum. After spinning they are dried in the sun.  As they are hand-crafted, each ball is unique in its shape and texture. They give a soft and diffused light which is warm and cozy in the winter months and then during summer they give a colourful glow to late summer evenings. 

 Bindi Designs cotton ball lights

Cotton ball lights can be used in many creative ways; you can hang them, drape or bundle them almost anywhere. They are also ideal as a gentle nightlight for adults and kids bedrooms.

We have over 20 colours and shades available, you can create your own mix by selecting the Pick and Mix collection. Cotton Ball Lights are ideal for parties and celebrations too, such as birthdays, weddings, Easter, Midsummer, Christmas.  With our Pick and Mix selection you can create for whatever use you have in mind.  We stock high quality LED light cables from Konst Smide, Sweden. 

How to order;

*Scroll down to select the cable option you prefer; white, transparent or dark green.

*Select each colour and then adjust the quantity.  Our light cables have 35 lights.

*Tip; To see a preview of your colour selection, open the shopping cart and you will see your selected colours together.