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Bindi Designs has been on hiatus whilst we, The Bindi Family,  relocated to sunny Spain.   

During this time we have been busy rebuilding our online shop and sourcing new products & connections with suppliers & manufacturers. Our main focus is for fair & direct trade, which helps to sustain local communities, artisans & crafts.

It is quite a process to work through the many options on offer when you are seeking fair & direct trade. With the growth of the internet there are more options, and lower prices than ever before! but of course this comes at a cost to the people actually making the products & a greater environmental impact too.  As cottage based industry tries to keep up with factory based industry, it´s tougher than ever to compete.  And you have to work much harder to source quality products at a fair price for all involved in the trading process.

We have continued our focus on Thailand & the incredible array of beautiful & unique artisan crafted products available there.  In particular, Northern Thailand, where it is possible to work with various local business´  who work & trade with various Hill Tribes of the region.  Fabric production is common in Hill Tribe communities, so many clothing designers & manufactures trade fabrics with the Hilltribes.

The Bindi Family is very excited to be travelling to Thailand soon, where we will be meeting with new suppliers & visiting some of our regular ones too.
We already have a new range of Thai Fisherman pants in stock made from Pah Muang cotton.  This material is commonly made & used in Northern Thai clothing as it is durable yet soft, especially after a few washes. 
And soon we have our other most popular item on the way, harem pants! in various new colours & patterns.  Plus lots of other new products coming too.  Expected delivery middle of July!

Thai Fisherman pants made from "Pah Muang Cotton". 

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