Pastel Mix Cotton Ball Lights

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Cotton ball lights can be used in many creative ways; you can hang them, drape or bundle them almost anywhere. They are also ideal as a gentle nightlight for adults and kids bedrooms.

We have over 20 colours and shades available, you can create your own mix by selecting the Pick and Mix collection. Cotton Ball Lights are ideal for parties and celebrations too, such as birthdays, weddings, Easter, Midsummer, Christmas.  With our Pick and Mix selection you can create for whatever use you have in mind.  We stock high quality LED light cables from Konst Smide, Sweden. 

35 lights on transparent cable. These cables uses LED long life energy saving lamps! Please see pictures for detailed measurements information.

Use the drop down menu's below to choose the number of lights.

The Ball lights and cables are for INDOOR USE ONLY!

Important! If one bulb expires your light strand will continue to work. However, it’s very important to change the bulbs when you notice that one has expired, this will prevent other bulbs from going out and will greatly extend the life of your Cable. Each set comes with 1 replacement bulb.

Create your own mix by selecting the Pick and Mix section