Thai Fisherman Pants Muang Cotton Brown

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Bindi Designs Thai Fisherman pants are made from heavy cotton called "Pah Muang" it is traditionally made and used by the hill tribe people from the surrounding areas of Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand.  Pah Muang cotton is slightly thicker and stronger, yet lightweight and soft to wear, especially after a few washes. 

Thai Fisherman pants are unisex, despite the name, and are suitable for various body types.  The loose fit design and fully adjustable wrap waist design can be adjusted to your body shape.  Bindi Designs Thai Fisherman pants are available in 2 sizes; Regular length (small/medium size) and Extra long for our taller customers.  Please see our measurements diagrams in the photo selection

We trade directly with small family run business´ who support their local communities and traditional crafts. 

Click here to view our video guide about How to tie Fisherman pants.

Sizes: Regular & Extra Long.

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Material: 100% Pah Muang cotton.  As the fabrics and Fisherman pants are made and produced thru cottage based industry some slight inconsistencies and minor imperfections can happen, however nothing that affects the quality and durability of the product.

Care information: A cold hand wash will give the best result. Although a cool and gentle machine wash is ok. But! Fisherman pants must be washed inside a washing bag and with like colours! no light or white detailing of any kind! There will be some excess dye for the first few washes. Washing inside a washing bag will prevent your clothing from being stretched and damaged. Hang to dry. Do not iron! Some colour fading will occur over time.

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